We are comunity based in Navaly

We are a socity living for years in the Navaly Sourrounding. Farming and fishing are main sourse of income before starting of war 30 years before now our people living all around the world and our people living in local are in all most all jobs. We are proud of our grath in both economey and education.

We have several branches under us as the are keep growing we felt we need devisions to moniter and act several varios activities. But all divisions are comming under the monitering of us.


There are few other communities which working with us for the development of our people which is countrouled and monitered by us.


The division created for development through woman. We are proud have a stround organitation to meet womans need both echonomically and for to get information and advises in situations, the organitation provide debts for developement and encoratch saving by introducing sirten plan.

community center

Is playing important role It is maintaining maintainging library sports club and It moniter and manage classes counducted for Year 5 scholarship exam takers.


The school both making room to study our socity kids in our area and ensuring security that our kids are safe in our place. We no need to have fear of accidents or any other security issues because they are in the middle of us. At a same time we provide few job opputunuty to our preeschool teachers. We moniter the school parents also are able ensure how their kids are treated and educated.

village development socity

Organizes the development of the sourrounding.